Friday 8 March 2019

CWC Junior Superintendent Job Profile, Responsibility & Description.

CENTRAL WAREHOUSING CORPORATION Recently Published  JUNIOR SUPERINTENDENT Vacancy. Before Apply Candidates Must aware about its Job Profile and Responsibility for this Job


I. While working in the warehouse will discharge the under mentioned duties:

1. Act as in charge of the warehouse in the absence of the Warehouse Manager being on leave/tour in case the Junior Superintendent happens to be the senior-most official at the particular warehouse. In such a case, he will discharge all the functions assigned to the Warehouse Manager.

2. Carry out day to day administration of the warehouses and to assist the Warehouse Manager in the discharge of his responsibilities particularly those pertaining to supervision of warehouse operations, custody and preservation of stocks, equipments and dead stock items including upkeep of records/accounts, supervision over the staff work and receipts and payment on behalf of the Corporation as per laid down procedures.

3. Check and verify the godown-wise and commodity-wise accounts and append his signatures in token of having done so.

4. Assist in ensuring proper godown hygiene as also to assist in building up of proper stacks.

5. Act as in charge for stocks, operations and godown(s) as may be assigned by the Warehouse Manager.

6. Ensure timely submission of returns and reports to Head Office/Regional Office and to handle general correspondence.

7. Deal with all matters connected with H&T operations e.g. checking/countersigning of work-slips and scrutiny of contractor’s bills.

8. Any other work as may be assigned to him by the Warehouse Manager/Regional Office/Head Office

II. While working in the Head Office/Regional Office will perform the under mentioned duties:

1. Collect information, data for preparation of statements, replies to letters.

2. Maintain guard file of policy matters.

3. Deal with all matters relating to his subject of which he holds charge including various registers, files etc.

4. Attend to indexing, weeding of files, etc.

5. Putting up drafts, ensure comparison of original with drafts.

6. Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

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