Tuesday 13 June 2017

CHSE Odisha +2 Instant Exam 2017. Eligibility & Eligible List Exam Dates.

CHSE Odisha Published CHSE +2 Science/Arts/Commerce Instant Exam Eligibility Candidates List & Eligibility.

Now Candidates Can Check their Eligibility List & Qualification

Qualification/Eligibility criteria to appear the instant Examination ZOLT

.01.. A Regular/Ex-Regular and Compartmental/Distance Education candidate who has
secured pass mark in aggregate but has failed in one Compulsory/Elective subject is
eligible to appear the instant E>emanation 2O\7only the single compulsory subject
( Registered up to 2015 ).

02. A candidate, who has appeared in the Annual Higher Secondary Examination 2A17 as
a compartmental candidate only in one subject but has failed in that subject is
eligible to appear the l6stant Examination 2O\7, only in that failed subject.

03. However, a candidate having above qualification for enrolment at the instant
Examination 2017 shall not be eligible for instant Examination 2OL7 if the result of
such a candidate has been withheld/cancelled for mass malpractice or has been
booked under malpractice

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