Tuesday 29 March 2016

General Knowledge (G.K) Question Asked in Railway RRB NTPC 29 March 2016 (29.03.2016)

RRB Railway Exam-2016: 29th March (1st Shift ) 2016 Exam Paper Asked Questions on Memory Based:-


1. Pollination by wind is called? -Anemophily

2. Reared for its fleece or Fiber in? -Alpacas

3. Kunchikal water falls? -Karnataka

4. World Environment Day? -June 5

5. Where in the human body can you find islets of langerhans? -Pancreas

6. Brightest star in our sky? -Sirius A

7. Maximum football world cup titles won which country? -Brazil

8. Medieval Indian book of mathematics? -Leelavati

9. Last mugal emperor? -Bahadur Shah Zafar

10. Thailand currency? -Baht

11. Mangalyan launched from? -Sriharikota

12. RBI Nationalised in which year? -1949

13. Queen berry rules in which game? -Boxing

14. "Tee" term used in which game? -Golf

15. A Deep crack in glacier is called? -Crevasse

16. Frontier Gandhi is? -Abdul Ghaffar Khan

17. National song written by? -Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

18. What did Edward Jenner pioneer? -Vaccination

19. .Which is Always present in organic compound? -Carbon

20. Largest fresh water lake? -Lake Baikal

21. Largest non polar desert? -Sahara

22. Also known as Aurum? -Gold(Au)

23. Which Organ in the human body that can Regrow/Regenerate? -Liver

24. Granite is an example of? -Igneous Rock

25. Interpol HQ? Lyon, France(Paris was also in option)

26. UNESCO Head quarters? -Paris, France

27. Din i illahi founder? -Akbar

28. Minimum age to be a member of lok sabha? -25 years

29. Which Indian king used naval power to conquer part of east Asia? -Chola

30. Paper was invented in which country? -China

31. Island of Seychelles is in which ocean? -Indian Ocean

32. Who first to score a perfect 10 in Olympic in gymnastics? -Nadia Comanesi

33. Which revolutionary took his own life? -Chandra Shekhar Azad

34. Official language of Brazil? -Portugese(Brazilian was also an option to confuse)

35. Madhubani painting is native to which state? -Bihar

36. Technology used in compact disc? -Electromagnetic

37. Gases responsible for green house effect? -Carbon dioxide and Methane

38. Punchcard is also called? -Hollerith Card

39. Jimmy wales & Larry Sanger related with? -Wikipedia

40. UNESCO HQ? – France

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