Friday 30 January 2015

IBPS PO-IV Interview Experience Part-I

Hello friends we are sharing some IBPS PO-IV Interview Experience which will helpful to you. You can also share your interview experience with us. 

Name- Aditya Goswami
Degree - B tech Computer science
Venue - Tagore Public School , Jaipur
Time - 8:30 am , Panel - II

I Arrived at the venue at 8:15 am and it was a very cold day so got relieved when they called on all the aspirants to come to the hall of the school where we had to sit in front of our panel .. they were calling the candidates one by one for documents verification and then the interviews subsequently .. I was the last candidate of my panel so i was called at around 12 pm for the documents verification .. and around 10 min. after documents verification i was called for the interview ..

Disclaimer - There was not even a single banking related question that was asked to me .. :D :D  

I Entered the room and greeted them and was asked to sit .. 

M3 - So Aditya you have done b tech good .. tell me why have u filled PNB as the top priority ??
Me - Sir there is a relative of mine who is a Senior manager in UCO bank .. he suggested me these all preferences ..

M3 - ok your relation with him (Asked in hindi)

Me - sir wo mere mamaji hh ..

M3 - tell me what are your hobbies and interests ??
Me - Sir playing , Watching cricket ..m a complete cricket freak .. i have interest in astronomy so love to watch space documentaries etc .. i have a little interest in cooking.. and since the political emergence of our PM i have developed some interest in politics as well .. 
As soon i mentioned the word politics .. they were kind of waiting to shower the questions related to politics .. and i was expecting cause they all were above the age of 40 50 :D

M3 - ok so tell me whom did u voted this general election. ?
Me - of course sir our PM (BJP) ..

M3 - ok then tell me which is the latest abhiyan which has been launched by him ..
Me- Sir "Beti Bachao Beti Bati Padhao " which i had read in one of the newspapers that day ..

M2 - Who is the brand ambassador of it ??
Me - Sir, Madhuri dixit.. 

M3 - tell us what is the no of lok Sabha seats ??
Me - sir there are total 543 seats which are elected by the public and 2 seats are nominated by the President for the Anglo Indians .. so total 545 .. 

M3- Areee president to Rajya sabha me elect karta hh .. 
Then M2 - no he is right two are elected by the president in the lok sabha also ..
So at that time i was on cloud 9 as i got an edge even over the panel head :D :D 

M3 - ok then tell me what is the max no of ministers that can be formed out of lok sabha ??
Me - sir 15 %

M3 - what are the no of seats in Rajasthan vidhan Sabha ??
Me - sir 200 but only 199 was contested this time .. 

M3 -  tell me who is the HRD minister ??
Me - Sir Smriti Zubin Irani

M3 - ok who is the home minister - 
Me - Mr. Rajnath singh

M3 - ok tell me where were the recent vidhan sabha elections were held ??
Me - Sir Jharkhand and Jammu kashmir .. and before that haryana and Maharashtra .. 

M3 - ok Who is the Maharashtra chief minister ?
Me - Sir Devendra fadnavis..

M3 - And Haryana ??
Me - Manohar lal khattar 
at that point of time my confidence was really very high as there was not even a single question i could not answer .. 

Then M4 - ok Aditya what is the meaning of your name and give synonyms of it ?
Me - told them in hindi as was asked in hindi ..

M3 - u r brahman naa ??
Me - yes sir 

M3 - tell us how many jyotirlings are there ?? and name them ??
Me - sir i think there are 12 but i did not knew names of all of them ..

M3 - tell us the names of 4 Dhams ? and their locations also ?/
Me - told them accurately as i knew about them ..

M3 - then where is the rathyatra gets held ??
Me - Sir jagannath dham , Puri 

M4 - you are a brahmin so tell us who wrote Mahabharta ?
Me - Sir ved vyas ji .. 

M3 - nd Bhagwatgita ??
Me - sir it is a part of Mahabharta ..

And then there were several other religious questions asked whom mostly i did answer .. and after kind of getting almost all the questions answered that too in a very confident way .. they said that's all aditya good luck :)

Thanx for  share with us.

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